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Helping Kids Gain Victory Over Venting parenting tips

 3 Steps to Calm, Cool, and Composed Hearts

Have you been in the grocery store shopping in an aisle when a little bomb (also known as an uncontrollable child) went off?  I’m sure you have, and perhaps it was even your child.  I remember being in Costco with my two boys,...

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Longing for the Quiet Home encouragement for mom

Up at 6:00 a.m., attempting to jump in the shower before the little ones open their eyes.  You wonder if they can hear the sound of your eyelids opening, because so often they begin their fussing as soon as you peek at the new day.  So often your day begins before you are spiritually,...

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Backward Obedience biblical encouragement

John 14:15  If you love me you will keep my commandments.

Many times this verse is read and understood in reverse.  We are so conditioned in this world to think that we must do in order to get. So, we read this verse like this:

If you keep my commandments, then I will know that you love...

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Solving Mealtime Madness parenting tips

Bringing Family fun and relationship back to the dinner table

We are often asked about mealtime and how to get kids to eat. We love to help, so here are our recommendations to establish peaceful and healthy family mealtimes.

1.  To begin, be careful not to overwhelm your child with a...

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