Shepherding a Child's Heart

by Tedd Tripp

Mandatory Resource:  Registered students must have this book for the Training Hearts for Jesus parenting class.  

Written for parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child's heart into the paths of life. Shepherding a Child's Heart gives fresh biblical approaches to child rearing.  

Shepherding a Child's Heart

Child Training Tips

By Reb Bradley

Mandatory Resource:  Registered students must have this book for the Training Hearts for Jesus parenting class. If this version is not available for no more than $15.00, please let us know.  We will make sure you have the appropriate reading for the class.  

Child Training Tips is not just another interpretation on how to train a child-this book has no equal! In this updated edition of the original classic, every chapter consists of lists of symptoms that identify behavior problems and expose trouble spots in parenting. How can parents tell if they've given control of their home to their children?? How can a child be trained to obey quickly when spoken to calmly and only one time? What's gone wrong when chastisement doesn't work? How can appropriate punishments be determined? What are the most subtle signs of rebellion? How do parents accidentally train their children to disobey them? What can be expected of children at what ages? What exactly is sass and how can it be stopped? Pastor and family counselor and minister Reb Bradley answers these and many more questions like these in this best-selling child-rearing book.  ISBN #1938067002

Child Training Tips

When Sinners Say "I Do"

By Dave Harvey

Marriage is the union of two people who arrive at the altar toting some surprisingly large luggage. Often it gets opened right there on the honeymoon, sometimes it waits for the week after. The Bible calls it sin and understanding its influence can make all the difference for a man and woman who are building a life together. When Sinners Say "I Do" is about encountering the life-transforming power of the gospel in the unpredictable journey of marriage.  

When Sinners Say I Do

Heart Training Garden Center

for training a child's heart by Sharon Cannavo

This parenting tool is jam packed with truth and application to stir up the heart of a child, helping them to work through the process of their correction, and leaving them happy in the resolution of Christ's forgiveness for them.  It is our gift to you as a thank you for your donation!  We will be sending this to you soon!    Any parent would benefit from the Training Hearts Garden Center. 

Heart Training Garden Center

Wise Words for Moms

By Ginger Hubbard

Wise Words for Moms is a calendar-like chart, designed to aid you in using the Scriptures to drive out the foolishness that is bound up in the heart of [your] child (Proverbs 22:15). It is a tool for your personal research of the Bible for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training your children in righteousness.

Wise Words for Moms

For Instructions in Righteousness

By Pam Forster

Save $13* on the "Parenting Essentials" Package - Or purchase individually.  This discounted package includes three books and four charts that equip you for consistent, Bible-based child-training:

For Instruction in Righteousness - The 366-page topical reference guide for biblical child-training.

The If-Then Chart - For Bible-based, consistent discipline in your home.

The Blessing Chart - Recognize and encourage your child's godly behavior.

The Go-to-the-Ant Chart - What the Bible says about diligence and laziness.

The Brother-Offended Checklist - Teach your children to resolve disagreements in a godly manner (lesson book included).

A Checklist for Parents - Questions and Scripture for self-examination.

Leading Little Ones to God

Marian M. Schoolland

Written in clear language, this classic Bible storybook gives you short devotions you can share with children. Each lesson includes a story, a Scripture verse to memorize, a prayer, and a song. It's a wonderful way for children to learn about who God is, why Jesus came to Earth, and how we should act today. 184 pages, softcover. Recommended for ages 4 to 10.

Leading Little Ones to God

Devotions for the Children's Hour

by Kenneth N Taylor

Prepare your children to stand strong in this age of questions and contradictions.  For many years, Ken Taylor has been giving children this biblical foundation through his books. While containing profound truth, they are written in simple and plain language that kids can understand. Full of stories and straight talk, and complete with suggested Bible readings, questions for thought, relevant prayers, and songs to sing, Devotions for the Children's Hour will give your children the head start they need to stand on the Rock of Salvation in this shaky world.

Devotions for the Children's Hour

Creative Family Times

by Allen and Connie Hadidian and Will and Lindy Wilson

As dedicated Christian parents, you want to raise well-trained, godly children in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, but you may lack a workable plan to accomplish your goals. Creative Family Times provides you with practical ideas for building character in your preschool children in three main areas: obedience, spiritual growth and family unity. Help them want to spend time alone with God; truly desire to memorize Scripture; behave properly in church services, and even play quietly by themselves! Creative Family Times gives you the practical help you need to raise happy, obedient, willing-to-learn children.

Creative Family Times

Mama Bear Apologetics

by Hillary Morgan Ferrer

The problem with lies is they don’t often sound like lies. They seem harmless, and even sound right. So what’s a Mama Bear to do when her kids seem to be absorbing the culture’s lies uncritically?
Mama Bear Apologetics™ is the book you’ve been looking for. This mom-to-mom guide will equip you to teach your kids how to form their own biblical beliefs about what is true and what is false. Through transparent life stories and clear, practical applications—including prayer strategies—this band of Mama Bears offers you tools to train yourself, so you can turn around and train your kids.
Are you ready to answer the rallying cry, “Mess with our kids and we will demolish your arguments”?  Join the Mama Bears and raise your voice to protect your kids—by teaching them how to think through and address the issues head-on, yet with gentleness and respect.

Mama Bear Apologetics

The Answers Books for Kids

By Ken Ham

All kids have questions Now you can give them the answers!

Developed by Ken Ham and the creative team at Answers in Genesis, The Answers for Kid's Series answers the top 174 toughest questions submitted by kids. 

  • Creation & the Fall
  • Dinosaurs & the Flood of Noah
  • Sin, Salvation, and the Christian Life
  • Evolution & "Millions of Years"
  • God & the Bible
  • Space and Astronomy
  • Babel and the Ice Age
  • Satan & Angels

The Answers Books for Kids

How Do You Know:

Apologetics for Kids By Melissa Cain Travis

Melissa Cain Travis is an Assistant Professor of Christian Apologetics at Houston Baptist University and serves on the Contributing Writers team at Christian Research Journal. She earned a PhD in Humanities (Philosophy) from Faulkner University, a Master of Arts in Science and Religion from Biola University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Campbell University. She has faithfully filled several children's books with her knowledge on apologetics, so we may begin equipping our kids at an early age.  


Teach Them Diligently:

by Lou Priolo

Most of today's Christian parenting resources fail to emphasize what is perhaps the most important aspect of true biblical parenting. That is, how to relate the Bible to the raising of our children in actual, practical ways. Whatever else you are doing to equip your children, do you really know how to use the Bible for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness with your children? In Teach Them Diligently Lou Priolo has given a tool that will strengthen you in this vital area.


Movie Nights for Kids:

Focus on the Family 

Each selection includes engaging activities to be used before and after viewing, a plot summary of the movie, discussion points, cautions about objectionable elements, and important themes that develop and strengthen a Christian worldview. This essential guide shows parents how to use contemporary movies to teach eternal truths to their children in a fun, easy way.

Movie Nights for Kids

Movie Nights:

25 Movies to Spark Spiritual Discussions with Your Teen 

Discussions on 25 broadly varied films, including Groundhog Day, Life Is Beautiful, and Unbreakable, include practical ideas, story points, and follow-up activities that will enable parents to have fun talking with their teens about spiritual truths using movies.

Movie Nights for Teens