Training Hearts For Jesus Parenting Class 

Beginning Mondays, January 13, 2025

7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. (PDT)

Are you 2 or more hours outside the Pacific Time Zone and unable to attend the scheduled class? We have a recorded option for you. If you agree, submit the form, and then return here to purchase your class.   

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 A Biblical Study in Parenting

Are you ready to join Mario and Sharon Cannavo live online for an exciting study of God’s Word as it relates to your parenting? There will be 1 class time per week, expanding over 14 sessions, with videos to watch, books to read, homework promoting biblical change, and principles to practice.  As you increase in biblical knowledge as it relates to parenting, your family is sure to make a difference in the Kingdom of God for generations to come.

Weekly DVDs include:

Shepherding a Child’s Heart” with Tedd Tripp

Text Books include:

  • * “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp
  • * “Child Training Tips” by Reb Bradley
  • “Training Hearts for Jesus” homework and activity Syllabus by Sharon Cannavo 

(* not included in the price of the class, and is to be ordered by the parent.)

Topics will include:

  • How to effectively communicate God’s Word as foundational truth for your child’s life,
  • How to actively appeal to your child’s God-given conscience to encourage your children to take ownership of right behaviors in-line with God’s truths.
  • How, why and when to faithfully include consequences that are biblical in nature, and lovingly applied for the purpose of growing your child in moral maturity leading to lives that give glory to God.   

More Topics:

  • Parenting with a Gospel focus
  • How to recognize the shaping influences in yours and your child's life.
  • Promoting purposeful living from a Godward orientation.
  • Specifics for ages 0-5, ages 6-12 and the teen years. 
  • Help in assessing your parenting goals. 
  • And much more...  


Regarding Registration

  • "Certified" registration is for parents who have successfully completed a THfJ class in the past, and have received a certificate of completion.
  • We require that both husband and wife commit to attending each class. Please do not sign up as single if you are married. 
  • Single parents who are not living with a spouse are also encouraged to attend. Please know the same commitment to the fourteen weeks of class is expected.  
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Today, I can tell you that both my wife and I believe taking the Training Hearts for Jesus class is the best and most life transformational thing we’ve ever done in our family.

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Nate and Christina Rosales

The Lord used Mario and Sharon mightily to show us how to navigate His Word faithfully with eternity in mind—from practical day-to-day parenting tips to lifelong principles that transcend all life stages!

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