Today more than ever parents are losing the battle and raising the white flag in surrender to defiant kids! We teach you how to end the battles by establishing unity and cooperation through biblical truth and principles, resulting in a peaceful and loving family bringing you joy and glory to God!

We are Mario and Sharon Cannavo

and we have a passion for biblical parenting!

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Quibbling Siblings

Addressing feisty hearts in your home

God's plan for peaceful resolution in your home.

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Why Does My Child Only Listen When I'm Angry?

Blog: by Sharon Cannavo

Get to the root of the problem, and see how it can change.

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What Others Are Saying...

Jonathan and Gita Thompson

"We can't speak highly enough of Training Hearts for Jesus.  As with most parents our initial tendency was to simply focus on our children's behavior, but THFJ has redirected our attention to where the true battle lies: our children's hearts..." 

Pastor Tony and Bre Wood

"With one child having developmental and social disorders, our life wasn’t just hectic, it was overwhelming. However, we believe that ‘training hearts’, through Christ, has done what psychology and medication couldn’t have done, and allowed our little guy to love God and love others..." 

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Nate and Christina Rosales

"Training Hearts for Jesus has been a tremendous blessing, not just for our children, but for us as parents! The Lord used Mario and Sharon mightily to show us how to navigate His Word faithfully with eternity in mind..." 

Sharon Cannavo has combined the biblical parenting wisdom from Shepherding a Child's Heart by Pastor Tedd Tripp and Child Training Tips by Pastor Reb Bradley. The result is Training Hearts for Jesus®, a 14 week biblical parenting class and curriculum.

As our culture radically changes, Mario and Sharon are more devoted than ever to the mission of helping parents gain confidence and understanding in Christian parenting. 

The Cannavos have witnessed hundreds of homes growing in greater relationship, both in the family and in their walks with Christ.  They  often hear parents express their appreciation as they consider what might have been without this life changing course. 

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